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Nutrition is an important part of our health.

The basic health concepts ere: - Eat a varied and versatile diet. - Make sure you drink enough, especially in the form of water - deal more with the food what is made and how (recipes) - little to no finished products - If possible, leave out unnecessary unhealthy things - Everything can act as poison if you consume it in overconsumption - Pay attention to the alkaline acid balance -> 80% alkaline and 20% acidic recommended - Do not eat -> Fasting is also very important

- Do not eat only cooked things also more raw vegetables - salads, fruits, nuts What we eat, we become. If we eat healthily, we are almost certainly healthy, because if we eat unhealthily, this can be a trigger from uncomfortable to illnesses. With the right nutrition, you can even cure or prevent diseases. So nutrition is often responsible for how we feel and our attitude towards life itself. Because remember that we eat several times a day and this has a big impact on our self. If we eat consciously, our attitudes towards our health but also our bodies will change positively. I myself eat a plant-based diet for many reasons and I can also recommend this to you for your health and for reducing animal suffering. Animal products are for the most part much more harmful to the environment and also for your own health when you get older. You don't have to change everything overnight, but with small steps, we can all move towards a healthy plant-based diet. Already no longer every day consuming animal products, bring us and especially the animals and the environment a lot.

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