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Every donation counts and can already contribute a lot.
Whether with money or without, there are enough possibilities.

But here a little more about it.
I go the way as a monk and try so also to make the world a better place,
by acting for the good of all.
So you can support me on my way with direct donations, following, sharing or subscribing.

Price plans - subscriptions
Below are price plans where you can get something back directly.

You can also participate directly in instructional classes or online classes such as video courses that you can find in the offer.

Donations and Benefits
All donations will be used to promote the public content and the offer of me, this is to be understood that you support everything I publish or what I can offer in seminars, training, knowledge, temple building, animal help, nature help....

Also the future bigger projects.

So I like to help everywhere I can whether nature, animal or humanity but this in direct relation that I also see that something happens.

Translated with (free version)

Your feedback is always welcome because we want to make the world a better place together.

My biggest dream and project is to create a place of cultivation.
Where you can cultivate yourself in inner alchemy ( meditation, Qi Gong... ), deepen knowledge (TCM, Feng Shui, Dao, medicine, nature, languages...), art ( music, Kung Fu, drawing, painting...)
Religions, sciences, and more.
This place would be for people who want to fully dedicate themselves to the path of Absolutely Cultivation. Thus, the people who practice there would in turn teach other people and be available as advisors. Thus, the place should be able to finance itself through self-sufficiency, donations, teachings, lessons....
This would be located in a temple form with its principles and the core and would be outside in the countryside.
A place for laypeople would be made like a school that is closer to the people in a village or town.
A place for hermits and seclusion would also be made like caves or small huts in the mountains to understand the loneliness and connectedness.
So we would have different possibilities to lead the people correctly and to help what they just need.

I will once make another blog post and a video about it.

Online Shop
Here you can also buy things from me like books, music, tea, art...

Thanks to all who support me somehow .../\...

Social media
Here you can support me for free by subscribing and following me on all my channels and platforms as every like (thumbs up), share, and comment is wonderful.

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