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There are various accommodation options available. Currently there is the possibility of booking accommodation with two single rooms where you can stay together with the Master Michu - Daomonk. Otherwise, participants must book their own accommodation in Puertito de Güimar, right by the sea.

The training is based on Wudang Gong Fu and includes the following daily structure:

  6 am Meditation & Qi Gong
  7:30 a.m. Morning meal until 8:30 a.m.
  8:30 a.m. Jogging
  9:00 a.m. Gong Li
  9:30 a.m. Bufagong, Jibengong
  10:30 Technique
  11:00 am Forms until 12:00 pm

Additional training and excursions can be organized together or individually.
Saturday would serve as a free day or special day to go on excursions, hike, relax or practice in other places.

If you would like to book your own accommodation, I recommend doing so via platforms such as or Airbnb. It would be ideal to choose accommodation with a kitchen, i.e. an apartment, as you can cater for yourself in a cost-effective and flexible way. There is a supermarket on site and the capital is also not far away.

-Of course there are also restaurants to choose from.

If you are interested, you are welcome to contact me, as there may be other interested parties who would like to share an apartment. Just write to me directly.

Accommodation and training

Training and accommodation are included in the price. In addition, a breakfast with muesli is offered, which can be supplemented individually. The flatmates (2 to 3 people) can organize themselves for lunch and dinner or dine separately (kitchen available). Everyone has their own area in the fridge. It is expected that the communal areas are kept clean and tidy. The kitchen should be tidied up after use. Cleaning and tidying work is regularly shared among the residents. Costs may be incurred in the event of damage or untidiness. In the event of gross misconduct, we reserve the right to expel the person from the property. However, this should never be a problem as we assume that everyone will behave respectfully (this should not need to be emphasized as it is a matter of course). See the availability of the rooms here.


Prices for training and accommodation                      
  Per day: 95 € (additional overnight stay 30 €)
  1 week: 600 €
  2 weeks: 1100 €
  3 weeks: 1400 €
  4 weeks: 1600 €

Training prices
For those who wish to organize their own accommodation and take part in the training, the following prices apply:

  Per day: 70 €
  1 week: 400 €
  2 weeks: 700 €
  3 weeks: 850 €
  4 weeks: 1000 €

How to get there
The accommodation is easily accessible by bus. A pick-up from Tenerife South Airport can also be arranged by prior arrangement.

Location: Tenerife: Puertito de Güimar

The island has a well-developed bus network that makes almost every place easily accessible, including the capital.

For accommodation and training:
To secure your spot as early as possible, prepayment is required.
The refund policy is based on the possibility of finding a replacement participant or not, as we already have a base cost. We ask for your cooperation in this regard, in the interest of all involved. Up to 50% refund should be possible and up to 95% in case of a replacement for you

For the training:
Here too you can secure your place if you pay in advance.
Refund: 95% up to 1 month in advance. 60% up to 2 weeks before. 30% up to 1 week before. 20% up to 1 day before.

Payment: Here directly with fees or without fees here...

Info: Training usually takes place outside, whatever the weather.
Food: You can cook and eat together but this is not included and you have to make your own arrangements.
Accommodation and training: Morning meal - muesli included
Drinking: As this is a volcanic island, it is recommended not to drink the tap water directly. Instead, water should be bought at the nearest supermarket. I will also personally test whether filtered water is a suitable alternative.

Anyone who needs additional quantities should supplement this themselves (there are shopping facilities nearby). It is also recommended to maintain a healthy diet and therefore avoid sweets or other unhealthy snacks. Instead, we recommend giving preference to nuts and fruit as snacks.

Internet & cell phone: Cell phone use is not permitted during training, unless there is a need to be reachable due to work-related matters or other important reasons. Nevertheless, we recommend that you consciously refrain from using electronic devices during this time or limit their use to a minimum.

Training camp 2021
Training camp 2021
09 Feb 2024, 06:00 WET – 07 Mar 2024, 22:00 WET
Strandheimstrasse A90, 3174 Thörishaus, Switzerland
Anmeldung Teneriffa
Tenriffa Spring 2023

Availability accommodation and training


Request or registration

Thank you for registering for the event! See you soon.

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