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Medicine is there for healing and for nothing else.

One takes a medicine only as long as necessary and this is mostly finished with the recovery.

Should not have side effects as is unfortunately often the case today, however, diarrhea, fever, etc. are not included as side effects as these are normal processes for healing.

Medicine should help several things at once.

prevention The best medicine is that you don't need any medicine and this can only be done as a preventative measure. Make sure that you always support your health, body, and mind and ensure that illness can never arise. health When we live healthily and keep everything in balance can not really happen, unless life wants to give us something to learn from. Why did I take body and mind when taking precautionary measures? The body reflects all physical things (bacterial, injuries, ...) The mind reflects all non-physical things like (stress, energies, the mind itself, ...) Unfortunately, many do not see today that both should be included in medicine as in alternative medicine, because today we have more mental illnesses than ever before. alternative medicine Why are true medicine and the origin of all medicine defined as alternative medicine? How can that be that today modern medicine where often has more side effects than just healing effects in the foreground. Of course, here the economic reason comes to light again quickly, which brings more profit and also makes subscribers for medications. Yes, subscribers, let me tell everyone who relies on medicine for medication. I don't want to make modern medicine bad here because it has brought a lot of positive things. But I always want to clarify the true value of medicine here. The one with medicine should approach the origin so that you can heal the whole thing forever and not just at the moment. Origin of the disease If you don't heal the origin, it will always come back. So you should use medicine and use help and better you start with traditional medicine before it comes to big. But then also if you are healthy again analyze yourself and find the origin. Attitude thing Our minds are stronger than we think and again play an important role here. Because with the right attitude we can promote healing as well as accomplishment. I'm also talking about self-awareness as well as the experience of others. Many have made a big step towards healing and even healed purely by changing the attitude, but there are always several things and factors involved at the same time. Everything is curable - But many factors are important. - The origin can still be found - What level of self-knowledge do you have - How great are his own healing abilities - If you want to be healthy or if you are already stuck to the disease - Is the setting everything is possible with a pure heart still active - Nutrition - Sport & Movements - ..... So we are now returning to the beginning and giving the diseases almost no chance and paying more attention to our health. Because life itself can tell us something through many things, but most only begin to understand when the physical is suffering. And for all those who felt some anger at my statement, everything is curable.

Yes, as you can see, it is just because here still anger arises so it´s still somewhere something not balanced.

Here is something in the spiritual realm not yet fully healed. Through meditation and Qi Gong, for example, some have already healed themselves, but they have practiced for several hours a day to find and dissolve the origin. That's why you should do something for your health every day in any area and may you don't need it now may later or maybe you can help someone else.

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