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Program of the Wudang Gong Fu

The whole program is the options that I offer and how it is structured.

So I can see with everyone what the goals are and adapt and supplement this to the individual.


A tree lives and stands only for a long time with strong roots, just like a house collapses without the pillars.

We also like to live in a clean house and that's why we should cleanse and strengthen our bodies.

Basic Training

These are the basics where they are reflected throughout the training and everywhere.

Everywhere I give options and possibilities what everyone makes or can do from it depends on the individual. As a teacher, I support people on the path of cultivation, but everyone has to take the path themselves and begin to understand.

Basic exercises (jīběngōng, 基本功)

Step technique (Bùfǎgōng 步法 功)

Body technique (Shēn fǎ gòng 身法 共)

Hand technique (shǒufǎ gòng 手法 共)

Wudang Inner Alchemy (nèijiā gōngfǎ, 内 家 功 法)

Daoist breath techniques (dàojiā tǔnà, 道家 吐纳)

Daoist exercises such as stretching, self-massage and training body awareness (dǎoyǐn, 导引)

Energy work (Qìgōng 气功)

Standing meditation (Zhàn zhuāng 站桩)

Sitting meditation (Dǎzuò 打坐)

Strength and Ability Training (Gōnglì 功力)

Gong Fu theory (gōngfu lǐlùn, 功夫 理论)

Tapping the body (Pāidǎ 拍打)

Philosophy (Zhéxué 哲学)

Nutrition (Yíngyǎng 营养

Awareness and Mindfulness Training

Chinese Tea Ceremony (Gōngfūchá 功夫 茶)

Daoist Ceremony


Section One

Return to Spring Qi Gong - Rejuvenation Qi Gong (Huí Chūn Qì Gōng 回春 气功)

Wudang simplified 18 form (wǔdāng jīngjiǎn 18 shì, 武当 精 18 式)

Wudang Secret 36 Taiji Form (wǔdāng mìchuán 36 shì tàijí, 武当 秘传 36 式 太极)

Wudang combat applications (wǔdāng sǎnshǒu, 武当 散 手)

Section Two

Wudang 5 animals Qi Gong form (Wǔdāng wǔ xíng qìgōng 武当 五行 气功)

Heaven, Earth and Man Qi Gong (Tiān dì rén qìgōng 天地 人 气功)

Basic exercises for the sword (jiànfǎ, 剑法)

Wudang Taiji chain sword form (wǔdāng tàijí liánhuán jiàn, 武当 太极 连环 剑)

Wudang Daoist inner rejuvenation meditation

(Wǔdāng dàojiā huíchūn nèiyǎng dǎzuò gōng 武当 道家 回春 内 养 打坐 功)

pushing hands (tuīshǒu, 推 手)

Section Three

Wudang Xingyi 5 elements Fist (wǔdāng xíngyì wǔxíng quán, 武当 形 意 五行 拳)

Wudang Xingyi cannons fist form (wǔdāng xíngyì páochuí quán, 武当 形 意 炮 捶 拳)

Basic Joint-Lock Techniques (qínná, 擒拿)


Section Four

Wudang 5 elements Taiji 13 form (Wǔdāng tàijí wǔ xíng 13 shì, 太 武当 太极 五 形 13 式)

Wudang Elexir sword form (wǔdāng dān jiàn, 武当 丹 剑)

Wudang Taiyi Free Palm Form (wǔdāng táiyǐ xiāoyáo zhǎng, 武当 太乙 逍遥 掌)

Section Five

Basic Wudang Bagua Turning Palms (jīběn wǔdāng bāguà zhuǎndòngzhǎng, 基本武当八卦转动掌)

Wudang Dragonshape Bagua Zhang (Wǔdāng bāguà lóng xíng zhǎng , 武当八卦龙形掌)

Section Six

Wudang Six Directions Saber Skills (wǔdāng liùhé dāofǎ, 武当六合刀法)

Wudang Taiyi Horsetail Whisk (wǔdāng tàiyǐ fúchén, 武当太乙拂尘)

Wudang Gong Fu Fan (Wǔdāng gōngfū shàn, 武当 功夫 扇)


Section Seven

Wudang Black Warrior Staff (wǔdāng xuánwǔ gùn, 武当玄武棍)

Wudang Secret Taiji 64 Form (wǔdāng mìchuán 64 shì tàijí, 武当秘传64式太极)

Section Eight

Wudang Taiji 72 Form (wǔdāng zhàobǎo 72 shì tàijí, 武当赵堡72式太极)

Section Nine

Wudang Taiyi Cotton Palm (wǔdāng tàiyǐ mián zhǎng, 武当太乙绵掌)

Programm Wudang Gong Fu eng
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