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The woman at the river

Two monks on their wanderings come to a river with a strong current. There stands a young beautiful woman who has a filled basket with her and does not dare to cross the strong flowing river. Without hesitation, the elderly monk goes to the woman and offers her his help. The young lady gladly accepted the help and so the older monk carried her on his shoulder and the younger monk took the basket. Arriving on the other shore, the woman thanked him and went her way, as did the monks. Later, while walking, the old monk asked the younger monk "What are you worrying about? Thereupon the younger monk criticized in an angry tone of voice ''You know that as a monk it is not allowed to touch women! How could you break this rule''. The old monk listened to the accusations and replied in a calm, gentle voice, "I dropped the woman off at the riverbank hours ago and you are still carrying her around.

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