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Luck or misfortune. Who knows!

An old man and his son lived on their small farm. They had a water buffalo that pulled the plough to plough their field. One day the water buffalo ran away. The neighbor came and said ''Oh how terrible about the buffalo, what a misfortune.'' '' Who knows if it is luck or misfortune'' replied the old man. Sometime later the water buffalo came back and at the same time brought 2 more buffaloes with him. The neighbor saw this and said '' What luck you have and now you have 3 water buffaloes'' '' Luck or misfortune? Who knows'' said the old man. The next morning the son wanted to tame one of the water buffaloes, but he had an unfortunate fall and broke his leg. ''Ooohhh no how terrible, what a misfortune'' shouted the neighbor. The old man replied again '' good luck or bad luck we will see''. A week later soldiers came to the village where all the young men went in for the war, but the son was the only one spared because he couldn't walk with his injury. The neighbor looked over at the old man and the old man shrugged his shoulders, but in his mind it was clear. Luck or misfortune. Who knows!

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