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Book publication and silent retreat for 108 hours

My book was published on March 9th, 2021, and on that day I also received my book delivery of 50 (51) issues to my company address.

At the moment is just the German version out but i working on the English one, I just need some help there.

So after my daily practice, I went to pick them up on my bike. After a total of 50km, I was back at my place and ready to start my silent retreat. So I had to briefly write to my group for the Gong Fu school that they know I teach in silence, and I also made a YouTube video and an Instagram post.

I do the silent retreat for 108 hours without using electricity (electronic devices), I will also sign and bless the books to strengthen them at the altar as well as with cultivation such as meditation, Qi Gong, Taijiquan ...

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