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A cup of tea

Once upon a time, there was a university professor who loved to learn new things and so he studied about Zen. At the same time, he heard about a Japanese master Nan-In (who lived in the Meiji period 1868 - 1912). So the professor set out to visit the master. When he arrived there, Nan-In invited him in for a cup of tea. The professor sat down and began to tell what he was doing and studying. Nan-In brought him a cup and began to pour the tea. Without pause, the professor kept talking, so the cup also felt more and more until it overflowed. The professor took note of this and called out: ``Master the cup is overflowing, no more can go in there.'' Just as the cup of tea, so are you,'' said Nan-In and continued ``Already full of opinions and views. So how can I show you Zen before you empty your cup.''

Comment: I took this story to heart myself when I went to China to a Gong Fu school. All my previous knowledge about Gong Fu (about 20 years) I put in my bookshelf in my head, so it is still there and tangible, but I concentrate on what is coming and do not let myself be blinded by what was. > Daomonk 10.2021 <

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