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Mon, 18 Sept



Training camp 2021

Wudang Xuan Wu Pai Gong Fu - training camp overview This year the intensive training camp takes place where you train like in China in Thörishaus. Of course, everyone can train more or less. Approx. 8 hours of training per weekday (Mon - Fri).

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Training camp 2021
Training camp 2021

Zeit & Ort

18 Sept 2023, 08:00 WEST – 06 Oct 2023, 10:00 WEST

Neuenegg, Strandheimstrasse A90, 3174 Thörishaus, Switzerland

Über die Veranstaltung

Wudang Xuan Wu Pai Gong Fu - Training camp overview

We will all be together;

Studying and exercising, cooking and eating, tidying up and keeping order, focusing and respecting,

practice acting consciously.

Spend the night in the same place so that we are all on time and practice self-discipline.

The training will be tough and long as it is in China,

but everyone goes to their limits but not over it, because everyone is responsible for their own well-being and it is desirable to talk to the teacher about this at any time.

He will help everyone to motivate and self-discipline but you have to be open and ready yourself.

The daily routine has a basic structure, but this is sometimes adjusted due to weather or other influences.

Time: Sunday evening 8:00 p.m. to Saturday noon 12:00 p.m.

Where: Thörishaus campsite (Bern)

What: forms, applications, basic exercises, theory in practice, philosophy, meditation

Qi Gong, stamina, theory of consciousness.

Everything that the Xuanwu Pai training includes.

Duration of training: Approx. 8 hours of training per day except on Saturday and it can be for beginners

Be adjusted. Everyone can also take breaks and speak out to the teacher. Each individual is in the focus here and we want to promote health.

Costs: 660.- SFr including meals / only 560.- SFr for long-term students

--------> Overnight:

---> There are limited free nights available for

Long term students available. approx. 2-3 people.

---> For a better type of overnight stay in a private caravan

per night and person 20.- SFr for 2 - 3 people Suitable (is again in decline)

---> Further possibilities are directly at the Thörishaus campsite from where we are

start daily training possible.

Info: The training usually takes place outside and in all weathers.

Showers and toilets are available.

Food: The food will be like in a monastery with a varied healthy diet.

The teacher will cook with the assistance of the participants as well as clean up afterwards.

Morning meal: noodle soup, muesli

Lunch: rice, millet, lentils with vegetables, whole salad with beans, tofu, etc.

Dinner: self-sufficiency. Some fruits and nuts are available.

Drink: Water and tea are available free of charge at any time.


Anyone who needs more must complete this themselves (shopping opportunities available nearby).

It is also recommended to only consume what is on offer and therefore do not try sweets or other unhealthy snacks. Eat nuts and fruits better than snacks.

Internet & mobile phone: The mobile phone is not tolerated during training unless you have to

Be available for professional reasons or for other important reasons.

But it is recommended to distance oneself from all electronic things once this week.

Number of participants: 1 - 20

Daily routine:

6:00 am meditation

7:15 am morning meal

(Break 7:00 to 8:00)

8:00 am Iron Palm; Gong Li

8:30 a.m. jogging or walking (walking upstairs)

9:00 am Warm up with basic exercises Daoyin, Qi Gong

10:00 Bufa, Shenfa, Shoufa - Gong (basic steps and movements)

10:45 am stretching

11:15 Form training

12:00 Cooking and eating

(Break 12:00 to 17:00)

17:00 theory, philosophy, strategy games

(Chess, 5 in a row), reading

6:30 p.m. Qi Gong, Daoyin

19:30 forms and basic exercises

8:30 p.m. Technology

22:00 meditation

23:00 Recommended bed rest (preferably after meditation)


  • Training camp 2021

    Zahlung direkt per Twint, Revolut, Banküberweissung und Barzahlung vor Ort, (Serviece- Gebühr hier Online sind Zusätzlich ca. 2,5%) English: Payment directly by Twint, Revolut, bank transfer and cash payment on the spot (Serviece- fee here online are additional ca. 2,5%) Bei fragen rede mit dem Lehrer - Meister.

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