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100 days to purify the heart / 百日清心 Bǎirì qīngxīn

On the path of cultivation, it is always good to do 100 days of purification and reflection, so that our heart always becomes a little purer.

Remember that this is also written for advanced students and cultivators, so it may be less understandable for laymen on some points, but just accept what is in your understanding.

Attention cultivators are those who have already harmonized their body and mind and they know what they are doing at their own risk which is not represented because they understand what they can do.

Here it is also important to understand what our attachments are and to get them under control. Thus, the goal of cultivation is to attain the pure heart, which can always show us the way and we can no longer be blinded and distracted. So we will briefly look at all the points here.

1 Practice - Practicing

The first thing to do in the morning is meditation, followed by Qi Gong. Throughout the day one should practice mindfulness and awareness. Additional exercises for body and mind are also recommended, and for cultivators, practice the whole day, at least 8 hours.

The day ends with Qi Gong followed by meditation.

Recommended time Get up between 4 - 6 am and go to bed between 22:00 - 24:00 pm Cultivators can replace part or all of the bedtime with meditation.

2. sexual abstinence

100% abstinence and energy transformation. No sexual acts even with yourself during this time to save and transform this energy. I also recommend that cultivators avoid physical contact.

3. diet

Pure vegetable food (vegan) = without any animal products. For cultivators, I recommend eating more or only raw food. In addition, to make sure that one has a very mucus-free or at least mucus-poor food. No food which influences one, like onions and garlic, etc... To eat only 1 to 2 times. Morning meal between 7 - 9 o'clock and lunch between 11:00 - 15:00 o'clock. The last stage here would be fasting, but this is only recommended for good cultivators with experience.

4. no drugs

No drugs of any kind (alcohol, tobacco, hemp...) No coffee For cultivators certainly no industrial sugar and stimulants like tea.

5. release attachments

To refrain from any excessive behavior. This means that today one should leave out additional attachments like internet, TV, gaming... or reduce them to the minimum (business urgent) For cultivators reduce everything electronic to the minimum.

6. discipline

It is also recommended to exercise daily discipline while practicing, but this starts with getting up at the first bell. As well as keeping to the times in point one and eating. For cultivators who forget to eat in the morning or at lunch and the time window is closed, simply fast on that day.

7. for cultivators

The Eightfold Path of Buddhism. Therefore, pay attention to his choice of words and behavior. And as all cultivators notice here, I recommend completing these 100 days as a monk- nun. The last page is for you to print out.

Write down your issues such as sex, alcohol, drugs, smoking, social media, gaming, TV, internet, coffee, tea, electronics, sugar, vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, bigu, fasting, 8 fold path...

and then make a list with 100 boxes.

Or download the whole thing as a PDF or just the table.

100 Days Foundation - heart
Download PDF • 416KB

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