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100 days to build the foundation/ 百日筑基 bǎirì zhù jī

The first 100 training days is the time when you literally build the foundation of your inner cultivation.

You start to replenish your energy center (Xià dāntián 下 丹田) with more and more energy (Qì 气) and start to feel positive changes in health.

During this time, several things are recommended and my master said for people who still have a lot of addictions, should focus on one addiction. But the first 2 points should definitely be considered.

It is about that during this time we also cleanse and build up (strengths) as in the body as in the spirit. Let me become one unity.

How to learn to solve attachments so that we get closer to understanding everything.

1. Practice

During this time, it is important that you at least meditate and to do the Qi Gong 1-2 times a day. I recommend starting every day with meditation in the morning and then followed with a Qi Gong and ending the day than with a Qi Gong followed by meditation.

1 level - morning mediation & evening Qi Gong

2 level - morning meditation & evening qigong followed by meditation

3rd level - morning meditation Qi Gong & evening Qi Gong meditation

2. Sexual Abstinence

No sexual acts, not even with yourself during this time, to save this energy and transform with Qi Gong and meditation, this happens in the naturalness of the practice.

3. Nutrition

A lighter diet is recommended, which means that it is best to go to the next level. Unless you already eat at least vegetarian then you can keep it or if all other points are easy for you, you can go one step further like Vegan-> Raw Vegan -> Bigu. I recommend who is vegan (without any animal products) to pay more attention to raw food and to feed without industrial products. The best would be Bigu - nutrition which means, in addition, to leave out all slime-forming substances such as grain and everything where our blood, energy in the body affects such as garlic, onions, etc.

4. No Drugs

We should also not consume alcohol or other drugs during this time. Also like smoking, you should leave it out. For people who have nothing to leave out, I recommend omitting the industrial sugar, i.e. all sweets, industrial products, and sauces. But here everyone has to tackle their next level again. I would also omit coffee from my point of view and for such who also drink stimulating tea every day like green, brown, black tea ...

1 level - no drugs

2 level - In addition, No sugar in addition

3 level - In addition, No coffee in addition

4 level - In addition, no stimulating tea

5. Become free of attachments

Become freer from any addictive behavior. This means that today one removes attachments such as the Internet, TV, games, social media... These 100 days are also to be solved for attachments in general and to leave something out for yourself for 100 days, i.e. an exercise for each individual. And never give up if it doesn't work the first time. I will then also release another version for cleaning the heart which is more advanced. The last page is for you to print out.

Write down your topics such as Sex, alcohol, drugs, smoking, social media, gaming, TV, internet, coffee, tea, electronics, sugar, vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, bigu, ... and then make a list of 100 boxes. Or download the whole thing as a PDF or just the form.

Download PDF • 586KB

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